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Airtime is a live video platform that allows you to connect with old and new friends in a fun and simple way. Airtime is built on Facebook and uses your Facebook information to connect you with others. In addition to chatting with friends, Airtime allows you to meet new people. Airtime pairs you with other users based on the information in your profile and the criteria that you select. Once you're paired with someone, you can see the interests and friends you have in common. The company was founded by Shawn Fanning, Sean Parker, and Joey Liaw and is backed by a number of big investors.
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Along is a collaborative interface which enables co-creation for agreements to blend internal and external relationships seamlessly into one. Our vision is to foster the harmony revolution for business relationships. Instead of keeping negotiation and agreements in back & forth emails and pdfs, Along simplifies the process in a cloud-based solution that acts as a single source of truth.
We're on a mission to prevent workplace burnout.
Bringing cutting-edge computer vision ML technology from university research to Europe's 1st AI-powered video telematics app with proprietary safety and sustainability solutions
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askui contributes to the vision of a working digital world through an innovative UI test automation solution. For us, people are the focus of our work. That's why we bring humanity to automation through askui James. We don't just test UIs according to rigid methods, but understand them like a human. This is only possible through close cooperation with our customers and the appreciation of our employees. For a better digital world, a human-centered digital world.
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The AUCTA platform gives you the power to turn CAD data into interactive 3D visualisations that effectively share knowledge and skills. Built for enterprise from the ground up, our platform provides the tools you need to quickly turn your CAD data into interactive 3D visualisations you can then easily manage and deploy. Because the more you share knowledge and skills with your team, the more your company will thrive.
Add artificial intelligence to earbuds to enhance sound in challenging acoustic environments at a fraction of current costs.
beatvest is the most beginner-friendly investment platform. beatvest connects education with tools in order to provide a personalised, do-it-yourself investment experience that supports investment beginners in building long-term wealth.